Nailer Consulting

Legal Services

  • Advice on procurement (including the provision of advice on, and the preparation and negotiation/agreement of, contractually required documentation, both upstream and downstream), thereby ensuring proper and effective analysis and mitigation of legal and commercial risk
  • Preparation and/or improvement of standard contractual documentation (not least to ensure statutory compliance and ensure maximisation of statutory protections, including protection against supplier insolvency)
  • Assistance with the avoidance and resolution of disputes (by informal and, when necessary, formal means)
  • Provision of training on contractual awareness, standard forms of construction and engineering contract and risk management strategies and practices

Commercial/Claims Services

  • Production (or the provision of assistance with the production of) claims for additional time and/or money
  • Defence of claims made for additional time and/or money
  • Provision of commercial management, quantity surveying, contractual and quantum services


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